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Meet the Stonetrail Horse Team 2022

Here is our wonderful team of horses who we use exclusively for our rides and trail riding holidays. They have been chosen carefully for their calm, friendly natures and their willingness to happily take us over hills and through dales, exploring the amazing tracks and trails. Our horses have been well trained and have gained a fabulous reputation for being experts at what they do. They are all easy to ride, forward going and have good brakes. 

Our horses are wonderful companions and we cherish each and every one of them. They receive the highest standards of care and enjoy the 40 acres of hillside grazing we have at Stonetrail, living happily as a herd in as natural conditions as possible. Many have been home bred either by us or bred locally.       

Treacle 15h

Treacle is 7 years old and is the horse which Alison rides. She was bought as a one year old in 2015. 

Treacle, although still young, enjoys leading the canters on some of our rides. She is a part-bred Welsh Section D out of  Abergavanny Tango. Alison bought her because she is related to two other Stonetrail horses, Danny (who is still with us) and Garth, who was one of Stonetrail's first horses, now living in retirement and living a life of luxury with Suzanne, one of our past customers.   


Hartley 14.2

Hartley is our little superstar youngster who seems to be able to turn his hoof to anything. He was an impulse buy, and one which proved to be a great move because, at 7 years old, you will often see him confidently leading the rides. He came home in the trailer when Alison went to buy Treacle because he "looked like a good un". He always takes a good photo but we love this one of him in the school.  


Anthony 14.2

Anthony deserves more than a few lines, he needs a whole book to tell all his stories. Like the one where our neighbour found him in her kitchen, or the one when he slid down a hill on his bottom just to cut the corner (don't worry, he had no rider). Anthony is 11 now and was bred out on the common by a local breeder, which is why he is super-comfortable out on the fells. When he was a yearling, he spotted us out riding and came over to say hello. It struck me that he was clearly determined to choose his own path in life, so I went back later the same day and bought him. He is about 14.2 and has the most amazing feathers you will have ever seen. This photo was taken at one of our lunch stops which is the farm where he was bred. This route is on the Lady Anne Bridleway and in the background are the remains of Lammerside Castle. It's a lovely spot for lunch. 


Sam 14h

Sam, aged 13, has been with us at Stonetrail since he was a few weeks old. He is stocky and about 14.1. Bred by a local breeder and friend of Alison's, he came to Stonetrail in the summer he was born to be with one of Alison's new foals (Archie). The plan was for him to be sold in the Autumn sales but Alison bought him instead, and he stayed with us. Sam has been a key part of the team and is known for being a very safe, kind horse. But don't be fooled because, when asked, he can be a proper pocket-rocket!  Sam is very versatile, often being used as the lead horse and has also been shown locally. This photo was taken on our epic 7-day trail ride from Ullswater back to Stonetrail, called the Haweswater Trail Ride in 2018. Sam was the lead horse for Alison. 


Danny 14.2

Danny is 14.2, aged 18 and originally came to Stonetrail when he was 3. When he was a youngster, he was broken to drive and before he was ridden, Alison used to drive him around a course of cones in our paddock, which showed how placid he was because Alison had never driven a horse before! He is a fully-registered Welsh Section D and a true Geordie lad, having being bred in the North East at the Hillgarth Stud. He is closely related to Treacle who is bred out of the same line as Danny, which is why Alison bought Treacle. Danny has been on all the epic long-distance rides we have done and is much loved by many riders who return every year just to ride him. Being an older horse he has been there and done it all, so is quiet to ride but as with all our horses, when asked, he likes a good canter. We have to keep a close eye on him because he can undo most knots, usually when your back is turned, but never goes far, he loves his home too much!

This is a lovely photo of Danny in action in 2020 on one of our favourite canters.    


Brigadier (Brig) 15.1

Brig is another fully-registered Welsh Sec D (you may have noticed a Welsh theme by now!). He is 14 and has been at Stonetrail since he was 8, but his Stonetrail story starts a little earlier. He belonged to our farrier and Alison actually went to view him when he was 3 years old, but decided instead to buy Spencer (Bear) instead because he was 9 and ready for action. A few years later, Spencer was then sold to Clare (which was a match made in heaven) and Alison went on the search again. Amazingly, Brig was up for sale again and he finally made it to Stonetrail. Brig is one of the most calm, safe and loveliest horses you could meet, which is why he has a huge fan base here. This lovely photo is of Brig being ridden by Dave who many will know has been a volunteer at Stonetrail for a long time.  


Jack 15.2h

Jack is our lovely Irish maxi cob who is 14 years old. He was bought as a 3 year old and has spent most of his life at Stonetrail and has been a key part of the Stonetrail team as we have trailed across Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales. Jack has recently spent a year away whilst we reduced our numbers during the pandemic but is now back and looking forward to the summer of 2022. 


Maisy is a registered Welsh Section D mare (suprise suprise!) Her mum is Dolly, who still lives at Stonetrail, and her dad is Llanarth Lord Nelson. She is sister to Ebony and Archie. Maisy was quite a suprise, as her mum came home from the stud having tricked the scan into believing she was not in foal, when in fact Maisy was hiding in there all the time. Consequently, Maisy was born at the Llanarth stud in Hereford  after we had taken Dolly back the next spring for a "second go". Alison chose to use a Llanarth stallion when breeding Maisy as her Mum Dolly is part Llanarth and Alison used to own and compete on a Llanarth Welsh cob in her younger days. Maisy's pedigree means she loves performing and is very happy when being used for showing or jumping. This photo was taken at Stonetrail during lockdown in 2020 when we were having a bit of fun getting dressed up to enter for an online show.